Digital Radio Mondiale – DRM

What is DRM

DRM LogoDigital Radio Mondiale and the DRM Broadcasting system has been designed by broadcasters, for broadcasters, with the active assistance and participation of both transmitter and receiver manufacturers and other interested parties (such as regulatory bodies).

Digital Radio Mondiale

It has been designed specifically as a high-quality digital replacement for former analogue radio broadcasting in the AM, FM and VHF bands; as such it can be operated with the same channelling and spectrum allocations as currently employed.

There is a global trend towards the adoption of digital technology in radio and communications, especially for distribution and transmission. Digitalisation offers many substantial advantages to national and international broadcasters and ‘infocasters’.

Implementation of digital radio in the AM and FM bands enables operators to provide services which will be successful with both existing and future high-quality services operating on other parts of the dial.

Antenna.One and DRM

Antenna.One is proud to be an Associate Member of DRM. We will provide more information and updates over the coming months.